20 February 2009


hi guys..
sorry for lack of updates..
finally I'm back from Pahang from my dear's sis wedding..

back to 14th
Shit man.. i forgotten to bring the V-Day gift that i bought for him..sorry sorry.. >.<
due to the laziness of packing stuffs to Ipoh..

received a bouquet of flower when there was a 20minutes break for concert..
greeting card there wrote:"Happy Valentine's day Catherine Tan"
oh my god..definately is from Mr.B
i love surprises..especially from him..
the keystone is my ex bf was there when i received it,what is his reaction when he saw that?
Yet, it was a simple V-Day,he came pick me up to his house..
No candle light dinner,no costly present.. But i do appreciate it..
I also realized that how important toleration is in a relationship..
Like everyone said . ' As long as i'm with my love one, everyday is valentine's day'
I love you like i always do



~* [STARR] *~ said...

hahaha.. glad to see that u guys are working out so well..
may u two be together forever.. luv ya~

catherine said...

thx thx..
same to u ya~~