25 February 2009

Eager ♥

Redang Island..
results released today..
as I'm a easy satisfied person,all i need is just pass all subjects..


shhing_慧 said...

i oso wanna go....
it is nice island lol....

catherine said...

let's go together~~

无言小子 said...

planning go redang juga..
but not so fast...

CK said...

I had been there few years ago,when I graduated from my University's study.
It is a super duble nice place, I love it very very much!!!
Now still missing Redang Island...

catherine said...

oh no~~~
i wanna go since secondary school..
but now no one willing accompany..
so cham..

Xiaopei said...

I've been there before. But not staying there..
Maybe you can find thru Google.. Triple island trip...
Bubu Island to learn snorkeling
Redang Island for snorkel and visit..
Lang Tengah for visit..
Stayed at Perhentian Island.
7 snorkeling spots.
3 days 2 nights
RM 400 for me included bus ticket, train ticket, meal and everything

catherine said...

already discovered all in google..
now just waiting for a suitable time to go..
thx alot for ur info~~