10 March 2009

the 10th of March

my lecturer asked:
Who is the greater person?mom or teacher?
comment comment please~


♬†šĨйĝ ΫεЗ♫ said...

mom lah..
if dun hv mom..
hw cum teacher r!!!
birth a baby vry pain gah!!
teacher oso cn b a mum..

catherine said...

will reveal answer later ya..=D
thx for leaving comment~~

Anonymous said...

Of course MUM~
mum speend alot of her time to take care us..she give us all her love to us..because of us,she need to lost herself..she dont have her freedom..all she thinks is just us..
still got alot I can say,but now i'm sleepy already..

From: elynn^^

catherine said...

lolzz lolzz..
i was thinking same as u too..
anyway,thx for leaving comment~~

shhing_慧 said...


catherine said...

y nobody choose teacher?
thx for leaving comment~~

Anonymous said...

Dont even remeber what my teacher did good to me since I was form4..so wont choose teacher lo..

From: Ee-Lin