23 March 2009


First comes hope then comes expectations..
I should have not have either of them because right now,the point of having it at the first place is still uncertain..
Must as well i do not have any hope at all so i won't have any expectations and i wont disappoint myself..





stranger said...

In this reality, we shouldn't think of this word - "Hope". If you have time to think of hope and expectation, I suggest another word for you - "Act".

I hope that I will get good results during the exam, I hope that I will become very rich. Hope does not bring your dream and vision nearer, but act does.

Think of how to act to make things happen instead of think of hoping something to happen.

catherine said...

but ppl do hoping sometimes..
as i am the one who thinks alot..
feel helpless now..
anyway~~who r u actually?r u . .?

stranger said...

You have this feeling because you are not strong enough to be independent.

Nowadays, woman can be very independent and strong, they show to the whole world how good they are, you are same, is just that you want the feeling of relying on people, you wanted to be pampered.

Be strong and be independent, your world is not only in a small town like Kampar. Every second you are hoping something, you are weakening yourself mentally. Look to somebody close to you to seek of their advice if you need help.

This is what friends are meant to be. Think wise and maturely.

catherine said...

yes i admit tat i'm reliant person..
i need help~~desperately..
someone please save me..
i guess i know who you are already..