18 April 2009


look..I'm concentrating..hahahahaha

Now i am sitting alone at home..

Traumatized, I've been in a very hard time right now.. so much of mixed up emotions in me that makes me hard to control myself..was trying hard taking myself the day off from everything and also from the world to be alone in peace and quiet..
I need to think and recover..desperately..

Have you guys
faced this before?

tears shed naturally.
frown automatically.
eyes reddish.

veins are seen.
pimples knock on face.

skin dehydrated.
empty minded.
fatigue body.

Those all are the symptoms gained when you're too often sitting in front of computer..
it neither contribute to ur body nor environment..
I have no choice,
can't live without lappie around..

watched Mall Cop with Mr.B and friends again..
super duper boring..
lolzz..wasting our time..

guess I've to stop here..

1 comment:

Më| §zë said...

lately i think many ppl also feel like that...

very stress now...

take care ya... see you when i get back to sitiawan, if you're there...