30 June 2009


well well well,
back to last week..we are told to create a product which is not yet existing in the market for our very first Advertising subject..
at first we are not creating this stuff,we repackage for SK-II mask as we can apply for the whole body,we found it can't works
so we decided to think of another stuff again..
with the help of my friend,Calvin..owh,thanks Calvin
I manage to pop put with an idea..
which is called E-study a.k.a. Electronic Study

E-study is designed only for utar student to store notes and excercises for education purposes..
no online,no gaming..
it designed something a pda,it will be so convenient that students might not have to bring bags for classes..
nice drawing by steph's bf..thanks once again..

the cover-with logo on it
E-touch for scanning utar id to switch on it..
geng le..
speaker designed in E shape as well
rechargable battery and with memory card
with my pale face..

any comment?


Zheng Yang 琤洋 said...

haha...you have to create a product too ? it will look more attractive if you add some colour....i last sem presentation need to create a brand...already hand it up ?

catherine said...

color a?
i already passed up last week..
hehe..very cham hor?
need to do all these stuff..
but to me its seems very high tech~~ =D

Michelle Tan Yi Shin said...

for me your product look simple but really nice :P

catherine said...

thanks Michelle^^