23 July 2009


=No time to update my blog due to tons of assignments and exams=

=went for Harry Potter movie with my man last Sunday..And again,we are late for the show,and I'm almost fall assleep in the cinema..*A big Sigh*=

=had individual presentation in public relations tutorial class,guess it ended up nicely?..=

=and now,I'm k-ing IPC,need to finished by tonight because I'm going Ipoh for marching competition tomorrow..althought im not the one who participating but I'm still nervous yet so excited..i would like to wish good luck to all qualifying teams..and All the Best for NHMB
ONE band ONE Sound~ROCKS the stadium again!

okay,stop craping around,
gonna continue my revision,
p/s:gonna meet my babe tomorrow
with love,

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无言小子 said...

juz pass by n say hi..
take care lo...