30 July 2009

Peer Pressure

Ms.Gan,our IPC tutor,she's also our PR lecturer,love to attend her tutorial class and I never skipped her class before..
back to the topic,
we been told that there are 3 groups who gonna presenting during the tutorial and the 1 lucky group will be presenting during the lecture..thus,we gonna have draw lots
As I am the leader for PR assignment,but with my history,my group always got the 1st to present,
so I ask Pooi Sie to draw for our group,perhaps god wants us to be brave,we are so lucky that gonna present during lecture in 2 weeks time,ha!ha!
guess we need to be well prepared from now onwards,bless us *crossing fingers*

it's just a random post,
pressure suffocates me
but i'll be fine
sorry bout yesterday,mr.B

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kimmy said...

nice mv

come visit yr blog^^