04 October 2009

Penang Trip-Part 1

went Ipoh to meet him straight after my last paper
wish that i won't screw up my exam
anyway,which means that my semester break has just started
was so excited for the Penang Trip
it may consider as the second trip with him,as we have not much chances to hang out along
plus I got permission from parents..Teeheee~
depart on 2.30pm 
I was extremely tired as i woke up at 6.30am for the last war
no doubt,he can't leave without musics,he needs song to Boom Boom Pow
ooops,almost forgotten
met a cou ah gua who sang terribly on the bus
sure you will laugh out loud when when you heard his/her vocal..zzzz..

we were supposedly reached before 5pm to Butterworth as my brother estimated 
but the bus delayed
we reached by 5.30pm and took around 10minutes from jetty to Penang Island
get into Rapid Penang and finally arrived to our destination
Penang Old Guest House

cousin brother-Jimmy,our traveler and my brother-Jenson

while check-in

view from outside
so 古色古香right?
like it so much..
and it's affordable 
RM 70 per night for double room =D

Heading to Perangin Mall for dinner after got ourselves ready
was planning to celebrate Jenson's birthday but he refused to..
we ended up to Home Recipe
i swear that i would never step in this place again
it seems like taking years for the food to arrived
we were busying filling up our belly so just ignored it

his sweet and sour chicken rice

Jimmy's mutton cheese bake

mine and bro's cheese bake in chinese style


Jimmy:"wei,closer bit la the both of you,seems so odd"

so,we had second snap..XD


not everything that i snap,
forgotten to snap foods in stall-laksa,char kuey teow,wonton mee,and shirt mee,forgotten it's name..

saw teowchew opera while we jalan-jalan

Back to guest house

rest early for the next day
hugz and kisses 

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