11 November 2009


Went Pusing once few years ago with seowyan if not mistaken..
This is my second time with Stephanie
She came after her class around 7pm
we chit-chatting all the way 
so she wont be bored while driving =p
we reached destination earlier than estimated time although it's raining outside
waiting for her bf to arrive and heading back to Ipoh
This is because..


I'm going to watch Jennifer's body with Mr.B which I waited for quite a time
he went Cameron with his colleagues on the same day
so we meet directly at Jusco
have fun with the couple when heading to Ipoh
Steph,I'm craving for DSLR toooo~~LOL..
back to the movie..
Megan Fox is so evil hot,guess every guys went for the movie just for her..
I can't stand it when she turns into demon,it's just too bloody sucks..
but the song that played in the movie-Through The Trees by Low Shoulder? is nice..enjoy the movie~
rate: 3/5

i know u went for this movie just because of me asking for it,
2012 okay?
happy birthday to dearie Irene =)

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