04 November 2009


I am here to blog again
everythings is going fine so far
but still we need to have assignment to pass up in 2 weeks times
yes i do admit i hate assignment
after submitting of assignment then we have to prepare for final examination
urgh~times passes so fast,can I back to the past?
and I know is impossible
just need to keep looking forward,stay healthily,study hard for better future?

wanna makes myself clear that I do have few friends in Kampar
no one beliefs when i told them
yes!it's true..
when you have things to share with,they're your friends,when you have problems,when u need someone's favor,they just say sayonara to u..
the world is just so imperfect
if there is justice in this world,you won't been treated so..
life should have ups and downs to have a better life isn't it?
anyway,I had get used to it..
there will be gossips everywhere,anytime,everyone..
people can't leave without gossiping?
hello!!please la,it's your mouth to gossip bout others,yes we couldn't control
but everything will have its limit
can u guys just stopped it now?
but I still grateful that i found few of friends that is sincere and cares about me
thanks peeps =) 
no one is perfect,we just can improve ourself to a better homo sapiens
I should appreciate that i have a great family,a great man,and great friends surrounds me,what else do I need?

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