21 November 2009

Second Armageddon

Ohayoo,It's Saturday..felt like wanna blog some before i going for class.Went to watch 2012 on Wednesday night.A big wow for this movie.2012 exists to stimulate your eyes,ears and brain with nonstop big screen excitement.Even though some parts maybe fake but those effects were amazingly well done.It's touching and i started to tear when there's a scene that Adrian's friend-Satnam called,telling him that not even a plane came,hugging his family,while Tsunami surging over.This movie really makes you appreciate life more better as you wouldn't know when your time would be up.

“No matter where you live,
No matter what you believe,
One date will unite us all,
We were warned,
The Mayans may be right.”

it's definitely important to know how to fly after watching it~ 

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