14 December 2009

Busy Week?

He woke up early in the morning,pick me up at bus stop
rushing down Kampar to meet my lovely advisor
If I didn't meet him,I would not be able to register for next semester subject

Thanks B,I know u sayang me..u missed the important meeting just for me to meet advisor for less than 10 minutes and makes two round trips in one day

have fun with the girls in MSN the day before course registration
spent around an hour to choose our timetable
because I have alot of R and R
NO 8am classes
NO late classes
NOT wasting time
21 credit hours for coming Semester
omfg my msn keep dc-ing
dunno wth is going on
are we preparing for war now?
thanks to UTAR


forced to awake early in the morning the next day to choose our perfect schedule
but with some circumstances
  my lappie HANG
I was like WTF again
bising bising there,woke up B to help me
luckily i have him..
around 8.35am
I managed to online and when i click into UTAR portal
I Saw This
Service is temporarily unavailable,please try again later
refresh for many time
and I Saw This
Server is temporarily experience heavy network traffic
God lor,refresh for thousand times
and finally registered!!


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B brought me for movie-Storm Worriers II
a long waited movie after Storm Worriers I 11years ago
first time going for movie at 4pm
so effing hot
back to the movie
this show sucks big time
better don't watch
both of us asleep for few times
poor director~ 

Rate: 2/5

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