07 December 2009

Dinner @ Lawan Kuda

Was at Ipoh until last Sunday
B said he will travel me back to Kampar after dinner
His parents back from outside,
 his daddy said bring us for dinner at Lawan Kuda
I was blur-ing wondering where is that place..
but anyway
not to bother much because I was starving that time
might eat up the whole bull to fill up my belly

On the way..
stuck for 1 1/2 hour in traffic as everyone's heading back to KL after Hari Raya Haji

shooting here and there..

my bag..

and his bag..

finally Reached our destination

"Gui He cha shi"

The Orders





guess what?I added rice wei..
it is so unbelievable
and one more funny thing is
everyone knows I like to bring my camera along everywhere to capture nice shots especially foods
those workers might think that I am journalist for unknown company
Auntie told me before the dish was served,they used tissues and cloth to clean the plate
I was like =.=''
no doubt
we have a satisfied dinner..
thanks uncle aunty =)
and same goes to u..

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