13 December 2009

Time Flies

さよなら にほん の 本
さよなら Year 1 Semester 2
What a lovely 7 weeks without stressfulness
no doubt,
I'm officially having sem break for 5 weeks
I Repeat~
5 weeks.. =p
Planning on where to enjoy during holiday?
I. Wui Bin's sister wedding dinner tomorrow
II. NS gathering @ Pavilion
III. Singapore?Genting?or KL perhaps for Christmas
IV. Malacca Trip [sorry dear Birdy,delaying for so many years]

what else?

Oh gosh,guess I'm going to broke again..

I love Christmas deco in mall
especially Pavilion's when I saw my friend's photo album in Facebook
never celebrate Christmas before in my life
or maybe a surprising Christmas gift?
hope it wont ruined my plan

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