02 January 2010

Christmas-Part 1

It's already second day of 2010
and I'm still posting about my Christmas Trip
As I mentioned,I'm not a Christian however this is my first time celebrating Christmas with the gang-WeiJean,Jimmy,Stephanie and Micheal
so basically we celebrated at Pavilion..oops Pavilion AGAIN~

FOOD is always my priority~

the couple

After dinner we went for a walk
and we saw this
wanted to take photo with her but one shitty f*cking Bangladesh keep disturbing her until she get mad
so effing scary..*runs off*

and we went for another one
a sleeping beauty
with kind and sweet look~

favorite photo of the day ^^

and guess what?

being interviewed by TV3 crews
wondering will be appeared in TV screen someday but not in 2009?

another fav photo
me with horn at DOME~

the silly boy


Merry Christmas~

it's so crowded out there..
last but not least
Happy Birthday Jimmy!!

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