24 January 2010


Here comes weekend..
It's been a hectic week for me,on the first day of class lecturers and tutors already talk about mid-terms,assignments and also finals,guess i gonna buried of thousands on assignment soon.
For your information,I'm taking 7subjects in this semester,I repeat~7 subjects.Wont have known whether I managed to handle it or not.However,i will said that :"Belum try,belum tau ma"It isn't a mission impossible but I will try harder to prove it that I can as much as possible. 

PMS makes me feel awful,why do girls need to be so cham?can't get rid of it even though that just little tiny case.Again and again,getting tired easily even though I slept more than 10 hours,head spinning round and round,will even cry in the middle of the night and continue sleep again,sounds hilarious right?And I did something real bad last week,sorry that i couldn't control myself.In this case,tolerations and cares are needed,or maybe console.lean me a hand,please.

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