18 February 2010

Happy Happy CNY

Hi people, happy Chinese New Year!!

because it will be the time where family comes together
as usual,my family will be celebrating in Taiping,no change for more than 10 years
so that's mean i will x celebrate Valentine's day,haa!!it's alright..
just ignore it.


it's time to hang out
don't get shocked guys.

football team@Tesco,Taiping

the lovely siblings

oh yeah
we went Starbucks for high tea instead of watching movie 
where movie tickets are sold out actually.

I'm lovin it~

went Kenny Rogers for dinner after that

am I famous? :D

the gang wanted to have some fun
they went for bumper-car

look at the kiddo,he just can't wait for his first try.

went back home around 10pm
tired,exhausted but fun day out *smile*

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