20 February 2010

Town of Rain

Outfit of the day :
MNG T,Levi's slim jeans with heels from Opera
so greenly..

We had our lunch in Flemington Hotel,which nearby Lake Garden

view from top

I was so excited when saw-ing this,woohoo~

I love them so much because they are lovable~

handsome dad

M'sia Next Top Model someday perhaps? *grins grins*

Let me introduce this two mature guy :)
From left: my 4th uncle from Aussie,me,Uncle Kim whom i met since babyish 

Uncle Bob-he's fun~

us again

Whiskey is yucks,I don't like it though 

all I bought in Watson-RM2.90 each

my hot Ah Ma-she's 80 and still taller than me.

Happy Birthday 

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