05 February 2010


It's February
I'm still posting on January stuff.
Went new restaurant with the couple last week,it's an American Style Restaurant-Vegas Kitchen
PS couldn't manage to join as she busying with another date =p

crowded when we reached there,
waited around 15 minutes for a seat
and I hate to wait..

the couple =)

starving like hell while waiting 20 minutes for the food to arrive
cam whore-ing non stop to pass time.

here comes the drinks

She ordered this
 Ice Mochachino 
(definitely better than mine)

I ordered this
Tiramisu Coffee
(tasteless,too many customer perhaps? >.< )

Fireball Spaghetti 

Potato Salad
(I personally recommend this)

Obama Burger-with black pepper sauce

Vegas Full House Burger
(3 people to finish this,LOL)
highly recommend,and it's only RM11.50 =)

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