27 April 2010

I Love life.

Love Life  is a campaign that held in Taiwan where it is about Love Outreach and Anti Suicide Campaign.
celebrities from Taiwan,even now included Hong Kong's -黑人 . 陶吉吉 . 范范 . 王宏恩 . 阿妹 . 张孝全 . 阮经天 . 大S . 小S . 林依晨 . 蔡健雅 . 桂纶美 . 白歆惠 . 柯有倫 . JOLIN蔡依林 . 郑元畅 . AKEMI . 蔡淑臻 . 隋棠 . 曾恺玹 . 赖雅妍 . 陈怡蓉 . 陈柏霖 . MAKIYO . LIZ . 黄腾浩 .梁咏琪 . 张钧甯 . 九把刀 . 朱卫茵 . 利菁 . 天心 . 玛莎 . 蔡康永 . 伍佰 . 杨采妮 . 黄子佼 . 方文山 . 周杰倫 are involved in this campaign. Through these videos,you'll get to know Love Life is all about.

my tears are rolling when i seeing this video

please use heart to understand this clips as it shows their effort trying to convey the message. Stop discriminating with the eyes, speech, limb to the special child. This is the spirit of love life, Please spread out the videos..

last but not least:
I am Catherine,I love life, what about you?


elynn-p :] said...

i love life too. awww. poor ppl.

Glo-w~* said...

I love life too^^ every moment, up or down, sideways or diagonal, I love it^^

Hilda Milda said...

be thankful w/ the life we are having now (:

dblchin said...

I love life much too!
Thanks for sharing such awesome post.

catherine said...

u're welcome :)

hauyee said...

Yes, I love life too. I did joined this group in fb..hahahhaa.support support