03 April 2010

Permanent Resident?

Guess people wondering what is PR
Permanent Resident?
Puerto Rico?
PR stands for Public Relations.
the course that m taking now for my degree.
I have hard feelings that many people misunderstood about PR
some of them might think that a pr practitioner just need to dress up pretty everyday,meeting up client without any skills 
I heard from a friend that her bf's parents think that pr is a high class prostitute
you are definitely wrong 

PR is 70%  all about writing
press release,newsletter,events stuff.
we just submit our press kit not long ago
and so Miss revealed our Pr Writing mid term marks yesterday in lecture class.
she told us that my tutorial group is the worst
sweating like hell,what to do if fail?
wondering am I choosing the wrong course?
I got my paper,
shes cheating us,our group got highest marks among the other tutorial groups.
I was like,phew~ its really unexpected result.
at least.

how beautifully you can write,it depends on the first step you made-to blog.
it will be more than your imagination
I took the first step
What about u people?


kenwooi said...

PR is a fun thing to do.. can interact and communicate with various people =)

catherine said...

ya true,that's why i'm choosing this course :P