12 April 2010

They are INNOCENT.

Urgh,guess in few weeks times we had heard about the case of newborn baby being thrown into dustbin. I saw a new case happening yesterday again,what the heck is happening in the society now?how cruel of the people until throwing away a little innocent baby?  
I certainly should have a strong maternal instinct when I saw those video clips of hardship and pain pregnancy delivery. The mother should love their child after having a strong bond with the baby for over 9 months,I bet they sure had excel in courage to do so,but it doesn't mean that they did the right thing.
Oh please,If  really couldn't afford to taking care of them,send them to the hospital or leave them in the center,please gave them an opportunity to live.Would it be better than killing them without letting them to have a minute to look around the colorful world?
People, if really couldn't control the sex desire, use condom. It can prevent from getting pregnancy and can even prevent from getting HIV/AIDS.This is the message that I wanna share as our group is having press conference on DUREX this coming Friday.

god bless *crossing fingers*


nn said...

looking at the pictures of babies left at the dumpsters --- heartwrenching T_T

catherine said...

yeah :(