01 May 2010


Whenever exams are around the corner,
everyone of us started to working hard for our final exam,
but I can't even sit still on my studies even 15minutes
Besides, when i'm studying,
my stomach always get hungry easily which makes me keep hunting for food *sigh*
keep reminding myself to work hard so that i won't feel regret when i look back
and my motivation is to watch this

康熙来了 :)
my favorite show
if not I'm so gonna turn kuku!
good luck peeps~


Yan said...

jia you ah cat~~ i start my final on monday too..:S
good luck to u and me :)

catherine said...

same same,all the best :)
love ya.

Wooi Kit said...

good luck! :-)

nur hidayah isa said...

good luck...ive already fnish my exam :)