18 May 2010

I want FREE lens.

An outdated post.sorry for the delay.
Received 3 pair of free daily lens from FreshLook Illuminate few weeks ago.

and now 30k+ pairs were given out.LOL

not wearing contact lenses?nvm just order it coz it's free!Make it as gift for others even better =X
Anyway,to those who are interested,click here to register.
Hurry while stock lasts.
Have a nice day :)


ohmywtf said...

aiya..try and let us see ur big big eys mah :-)

Shuwen said...

ooooh ! the ones that makes your eyes look like rainie yang's XD

HenRy LeE ® said...

i got the contact lenses too! XD

Colleen Chong said...

Did you try it?? how's it??..haha..!
I feel it's cool !

Hilda Milda said...

I'm waiting for mine to arrive :p

Grace said...

Can't wait to receive mine~