06 May 2010

My Message to AIDSAware

AIDSAware is a project to raise awareness on AIDS and also to collect 13,000 messages, in remembrance of the 13,000 people
who have passed away from AIDS to date in Malaysia. You can do your part by helping to spread this message in a very simple way.
Take a photo of you with your AIDS Aware message.

With the 13,000 messages collected, a wall of remembrance will be erected in a public space in KL. The printed photos will be displayed on the wall in order to share the AidsAware messages with everyone!

From now till 9th May 2010, you can upload your messages into the "AIDS Aware Messages" in AIDSAware photo album. The photos will be printed and the wall of remembrance will go up on 16th May 2010.

"Please remember,
Unite Against AIDS!"

why do I think creating awareness for fighting AIDS is important is because AIDS is no longer a public health issue but has become a seriously socio-economic and developmental concern, there is an immediate need to act with an utmost sense of urgency and seriousness. When a disease impacts and affects a society, medication should have to be done their job.
It is important to educate people of the dangers and preventive actions such as using condom to prevent or decrease the number of AIDS cases. 

For more information on AIDSAware, please visit http://aidsaware.ruumz.com.

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