30 June 2010

As An Utarian,I need to voice out!

First of all.
I wanna comment about the parking sticker
even though u having car sticker which cost RM100 per semester,u still hardly to find a parking lot.
that's the main reason why students are always late for classes.
and for this semester,my friend failed to get a place for car balloting 
there's two ways to get to class,either we park our car at east gate as shown below
or take bus.

#2-Utarians are so damn rich!

now,talking about bus.
the bus stop is crowded all the time as the bus is only available every hour.
you need to wake up pretty early to catch up a bus.so,what if you missed the bus?
zero for attendance.
The major problem is,everyone pushing each other when the bus arrived,sometimes my bag is already in the bus but me still struggling outside.zzz.
that's really troublesome for us!
okay stop complaining Miss Cat,erm,last one..

When will UTAR have high management efficiency?
When we paying student bill,it just took less than a minute and total amount of RM5109 flies!
since you charged RM600 for other facilities,
please do something!

love with no offence =X


v!vi@n said...

hahahahaha..i heard my UTAR friends complaint bout this too..LOL..they said the management ppl wasted the whole place putting a mirror and do like water fall sort of stuff...and actually can use to be parking lot one...

kenwooi said...

rm100 is really alot.. =/

smoochiesayn said...

which campus is this? kampar?
then i guess every UTAR also facing the same problem lo. i was from UTAR Setapak, parking is also one issue here. pay so much but no parking! bus even worst. so many students, but provide only 4 bus. one area one bus. @#$%^^&^&* limited bus. sumore only operate certain hours de lo. lagi @#$%^^&* therefore, i sokong u complaint!

UTAR senior. =)

The Blogger (63672674) [meoramri] said...

Is it far from the lecture halls?

Hope you can visit mine too.


Lukey Cher Hong said...

yeah uni students should never have to worry about getting to study... the management really sucks.. they care more about making money than efficiency

kianfai87 said...

I think UTAR got more than 500+ pay for RM 100 per semester? is like RM 50,000.00 LuLZ!