27 June 2010

Clinique Workshop at UTAR.

During the UTAR Career Exploration Week which held on 14-17June 2010,there was Self-grooming Workshop collaborate with Clinique,of course we are attending as there are goodies pack given :p
I've tried Clinique's toner and its kind of effective,but due to the expensive prices which I couldn't really afford,hmmmm,so...
Back to the workshop,it was an hour talk,there were 3 experts who demonstrating on 3 basic steps of skin care which are to use cleansing form,toner and moisturizer.And now by the reason of the hot weather,sunblock is a must!and some make up tips as well.There are also Q&A session that provided with free gifts if you could answer it correctly.

#1-the crowd.

#2-the speaker aka beautician,with David,the make up artist

you will get a goodies pack only after filing up the feedback form with

#3- Clinique makeup workshop worth RM100

#4-and I got eye cream and lip gloss.

There was booth for promotion for the products but it was too crowded,we didn't manage to seek advise from the experts.
However,it is good to get to know about Clinique products through this workshop and there are more workshops coming soon in UTAR on 28 July 2010.
might joining again,jya ne~


Glo-w~* said...

ah so nice of them^^

JoYce said...

my mum's a clinique fan.. :D

kenwooi said...

totally a workshop for the ladies! =P

Yan said...

hey hey..last time they came twice to our uni too. I like their goodies!! so sure must attend the workshop..keke

catherine said...

Joyce:really?how is it?
bird:izit?yes this is the only reason I love UTAR!haha.