07 June 2010

Surprise Birthday

After having two years contract with my previous owner,
I am free like a bird now.
no la,actually I was just moved to new house,with single room,bigger study environment,without any room mate.
If you were to ask me which one I prefer and I will still say I love to have room mate.
at least,
there are some one to talked with.
I am glad to have such nice,sweet, and caring house mates invited me to join them for surprise birthday celebration

#1 we make it to Kam Ling Restaurant in Kampar.

#2 Famous Curry Chicken Bread.

#3 dishes.

#4 the cake.

#5 11 of us,that's huge.sorry but this is the best shot.

#6 the birthday girl Angelyn with her boyfriend.

#7 my turn,eye so small that day.

and last but not least.
#8 the youngest man with his girlfriend 

sum up and it only cost around RM13 per person.


jfook said...

I went to Kam Leng before. The curry chicken bread is real awesome!!!

kenwooi said...

i want curry chicken bread! long time didnt eat that edy =P

John said...

wa... the cake so big

Jack Ng said...

yum yum ... look tasty...

Zenghoong said...

Food looks GOOD!!

Bake It Batter said...

Whenever u say ur latest post is about food, i just have to check it out! lol. The b'day cake looks yummy!

Xiaopei said...

The cake nice bo? Never left one for me. :D :D

Glo-w~* said...

it's nice to hang out with good roomies/housemates^^

catherine said...

nothing special about the curry chicken bread >.<
by the way,the cake "looks" big only,it's just 1/2 kg and cost RM25~