04 July 2010

Cafe Takahashi, Kinta City Ipoh

This is my first visit to Cafe Takehashi in Kinta City Ipoh,after viewing friend's blog about this new modern looking cafe with combination if Japanese,Italian and Chinese food most likely.
It located just beside the K-Box Karaoke,I think it won't be too hard searching for it.At least,there's some new place for me to dine in Jusco besides fast food restaurant,and I did realized that there's facebook fan page on their cafe now,go like it :D
Oh well,time for food hunting again.

#1-the huge and heavy menu.

#2,3-with cute toy deco.

#4-would like to try but I don't allowed to have beef >.<

#5-The interior of the cafe,I like it!


#6-while waiting for the food.

#7-baby like it so much.
Chicken Katsu Curry Rice
#8-chawan Mushi

#10-mushroom soup,the best I've tried so far,haha.The unique of the taste attracts me,and
there's cream as topping.

#11-mushroom spaghetti
#12-unagi rice.
and last
#13Haagen Dazs coffee ice-cream for dessert.

The meal cost us around RM130, including drinks,10% service charge,and 5% government tax.
go have a try :)


Hilda Milda™ said...

chawan mushi ♥ but the portion looks kinda small :c anyways, nice food post c:

jfook said...

The food presentation is good.

The Blogger (63672674) [meoramri] said...

Presentation looks promising...


J2Kfm said...

Thanks for the link there, Catherine.
They are offering some value for money sets, but not sure if the sets are exclusive to members only not.