26 August 2010


Okay,this would be my last post about my birthday,promised! :p

NoNo cafe is the location.
too bad I don't even know the existence of it till last week.

Black Pepper Meat Spaghetti.

Sweet and Sour rice.

with the gang in Sitiawan.

we had fun chat,gossiping around and ended up the meeting session pretty early as few of them having test the next day,
but I did appreciate as they willing to spend some time for me in this special day.
thanks friends :)

got these,happy!


Më| §zë said...

haven't seen everyone in such a long time!!! bingyi put on weight d.. haha... spaghetti looks yummy... and gcb taste just great... =]

Yan said...

I like ur present. give me plssssss..anyone from them