28 August 2010


Look at the crowd,guess you all knew where did I went.
people mountain people sea.

No doubt,went Lee Hom's The 18 Martial Art Showcase last Sunday with friend.
There were like Infinity people asking me:"Ei,you're fans of Lee Hom meh?"
I am not I am not!

but he should be proud because the fans definitely insane being under the hot sun for the whole day just for their idol.
and I am actually sick of the people around me pushing each other and they were sweating like hell,I was like ewwwww.

me and Hau Yee.

he appeared on the stage after 30minutes of waiting,not late as others,ehem.
你不知道的事 was the only song he sang and I am addicted it.
haven't watch his movie,download it perhaps. :p

This is me!album with signature :D

after 3 hours and he still signing album.poor him.
but he had good personality,no wonder every girls falls for him.


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