01 August 2010


It's a date with my baby last weekend,He picked me up from Kampar after my Adv. PRW paper and we headed back to Sitiawan,after finishing his final follow up with his customers and we were back to Ipoh as I wanted to changed my hair color badly since few months ago and finally I had some time for it.
He waited me for at least 2 hours to get my hair done,thanks baby :*

mocha brown

watched 2 movies-The Sorcerer Apprentice and Inception the next morning but I gonna blog about Inception first,stay tuned for the other one :D

It's an 2 1/2hours movie and definitely a worth watched movie in cinema 
The movie,written and directed by famous British filmmaker-Christopher Nolan who has been describe as a "contemporary sci-fi actioned set with the architecture of the mind.Sounds complicated =X

Joseph Gordon is so HAWT omg!

Frankly speaking I used up 3/4 of my brain juice to understand what is it all about and well said I still confused of severals parts.Of well,in brief,You dream a dream of your dream of dream.got it?

I still remember this quote-"You're waiting for a train; a train that will take you far away.You know where you hope this train will take you,but you can't be sure.But it doesn't matter-because we'll be together"

Rate:4/5 :)


Erika Toh said...

Thanks for the review, catTy! ^^

ken said...

enjoyed it! awesome movie =)

于庭吳 said...