08 August 2010

Nutrition Fair

Went Nutrition Fair 2010 to support my friend :)
It was a fair organized by Biomedical students in order to lead us for perfect nutrition.

 crowded still even the fair starts from 9am.


with Marvin and my health consultant 

ignore my swollen eyes please,it's been a hectic week

Had our lunch directly after purchased a RM5 coupon 
spicy but I like it :)

about my Health Check Report.
Miss Catherine
Body Frame Size-Small. (oh really?)
BMI-19.10 (very good)
Body Fat Percentage-Average (I've been advised to lessen junk food,no more junk food from now,so what to eat?)
Blood Pressure-110/70 Low (I knew that)


ken said...

do they have drinks like vitagen and nurtigen? =)

catherine said...

no lor,very kiam siap one la,haha.

~* [STARR] *~ said...

lol.. why are they showing the wrong pyramid?
that's the US pyramid..
got our own Malaysia Food Pyramid lar.. *sorry..职业病*

catherine said...

lol,izit?tell Eng Loon XD