12 August 2010

Tutti Frutti is Love.

Finally I had chance to try on these loves.
It was a random outing with my course mates and thanks to them.
I knew I am outdated >.<

GCB in Jusco's Mcd is nicer than in Sitiawan's,why ar?

Tutti Frutti-De Garden,Ipoh *grins*

They offered 6 different flavors and priced at 100gm for RM5.30 and
self service machine that will make your purse empty if doesn't know how to use. 

Chocolate and Vanilla flavor with chips as topping.

and Mr.Aaron
he dropped us at mall and went for rehearsal
 and join us after that :) 

he choose Mixed berries,Vanilla..and
I'm forgotten.

Stephanie's masterpiece
I realized that there is no photo of her in my camera,
what a waste.
U can view her blog after she update :)

want to know where?

Tutti Frutti
Lot No. G-OR-3,
Ground Floor,De Garden,
No.3, Persiaran Medan Ipoh,
Medan Ipoh, 31400 Ipoh
or visit

As Mega Sales Carnival is going on now,maybe I shall get myself something as I received Birthday voucher by Padini,but I had nothing to buy after few walk,decided to give it to my friend,yesh I admit I'm generous :D

but I saw this,omg!

I want it but it's too expensive till I couldn't afford that.

maybe I will own it in my dreams,haha.

have a nice day everyone :)


ken said...

i havent even tried both GCB and tutti frutti =)

Anonymous said...