04 September 2010

Piranha is Ready to Eat You!

I knew it,not that we haven't seen the ewww look of Piranha-massive and deadly looking creature,but still,we still went for it.It frighten me for almost like 20 times?I like to watch horror movie,but I would rather closing my eyes throughout the whole scene,contradiction isn't?By the way,it's a movie outing with my babes,CM,both PS and Elissa :D

I recognize him once he's appearing on the screen,JEREMY GILBERT in The Vampire Diaries,lolz.

Mere words cannot describe how awesome this movie is,you must get to watch yourself actually,haha!too bad Ipoh doesn't have 3D,cause I think this movie is made for it.Piranha actually is terrifying and hilarious.With rude words,sexy girls,screaming or cringing at shocking scene,dead bodies floating in the water,eyeballs,the effects is so damn real,I wonder who is the make up artists. I just don't know how to describe the movie,I would say it's awful,very awful,you will have the intention to watch it over and over again,and I hope,I'll get to watch in 3D!

another climax.

he sacrifices himself for the sake of others.

We were actually didn't realized movie ended so fast until I saw the workers walking down to open the exit door.The ending was pretty expected.

I rate it for
ended the post with trailer


Everlyn said...

Seems nice, but im scared ><

catherine said...

yeah me too,but I went!
find someone to accompany you,it would be a nice experience :D

ck said...

i heard a lot of scenes were cut and made it worse, really?

catherine said...

I don't think so :D

bendan said...

T___T the movie is gross la..

Hilda Milda™ said...

i dont like the ending tho :/ so lame one sighh