19 September 2010


Exam would be the stresstest month to suffer.
eye bags,pimples,anxiousness,burning midnight oil is wasn't fun at all,I could die anytime actually.
When due to exam,I feel reluctantly to face all the notes,I rather clicking F5 button in Facebook than to face the book,I am technically a freak!
I was thought to call someone who could really pamper me,mummy?boyfriend?
But it just hard for me to spell out my thoughts,I just wanna be a good,independent and strong to them.
Oh my,I know that's ridiculous but If i were to press the call button,I might gain a great deal.
Still,I won't.
For now,I just hope everything goes smoothly and could graduate asap.
I am not emotional,blog it out is just the way to express my feeling.
Therefore I writetyped :)

my spiritual support.


Lukey Cher Hong said...

facebook is still a book, so technically u're still reading a book... haha lame..

good luck for ur exams!

catherine said...

hahah!thanks Lukey!