14 October 2010


Caffeinees Glorious.
A place where we found through gps.
After couple of wrong turns,we found it last with my empty stomach.
all photos are taken with my Nokia 5800 as I forgotten to bring out my camera >.<

#1- the menu.
 #2-there's mini games for customers too.
 #3-the interior design were so lovely.
 #4-There's internet connection,so just grab your lappy and sit down while enjoying their delicious food.
 #5-spot anything outside?

#6- she was in dilemma of variety choices of food.

 #7-Hazelnut,Macchiato,Iced Mocha
 #8-Spaghetti Oglio.
 #9-Can u believe she's mama?

 #10-wedges with homemade sauce
[highly recommended]
#11-Caffeinees' Baked Rice 
with fried chicken wings,garden salad and big portion of fragrant spiced fried rice.

 #12-chicken chop with fried wages. 
#13-mushroom soup.

FYI,you can have this awesome place for birthday celebrations or the most happening events here.

#14-Apply for membership to get 15% discount on regular item.

real affordable with good services.


Biopolymath said...

Your Nokia 5800 photos turned out to be of good quality. All I can say is "LIKE" (if there's a button!) :P

Fakhrur Razi berkata said...

owhhh nice2 ;9
i should try it sometimes @@

ken said...

the place looks nice :)

Celeste said...

Lol, im hungry odi la ~ The wedges look yummy ! XD

catherine said...

Bio:nice nickname lolz..thanks for liking.
Fakhrur,Ken,Celeste:go have a try,nice and affordable :)

Hilda Milda™ said...

HAHA i went there for shisha only, never tried the food. it looks more prettier during the daytime :p