01 October 2010


Time passed frigging rapidly.It's October now!A brand new month without any frustration and annoying stuffs.
September was my disaster month due to examination and some personal life.However,in the midst of all these I actually did learnt a lot.
We human will have problems,that's the way it is.We view our problem as a huge one,therefore we make mistakes over and over again.
Instead of complain about how many problems we have,why not uses the time to find out the solutions.
Because of this,it just arouse my inspiration to blog
do not put your problems on other's shoes.
Good Luck everyone!


ErikaToh said...

Time sure flies right, CatTy? Gambateh! xD

fzikuz said...

yeah, that's true!
happy weekend!! ^^

Kian Fai said...

october is my bad month too =)

catherine said...

thanks for dropping by guys,have a nice day :D