18 November 2010


People always complaints that time changes everything,so do I.In fact you are the one who changed them yourself.One more month till end of the year,time passes rapidly.If you were to ask me what I did for this years?I really have no answer for that,perhaps I did too much or vice versa.You trying to make things up,you wanna do your best,after so long,things changed,we changed too.We compromise,although it was little tough sometimes,but we been thought that we shall have positive mindset every time,every where.

Yet,in a relationship,we tend to demand.We will never put ourself in other's shoe.We certainly forgotten that a relationship is about give and take.In the mean time,we tend to forgot other needs to feel loved as well.Fortunately that I realized my own weaknesses,endless thoughts,the most vulnerable side,will only appear on the sorrow night.

I am a dreamer. A dreamer will only find their way through dreams.Yes,a stupid one.Nobody's perfect.I don't like missing you,but I love having you to miss.Just the way I am. 


Lynnie said...

Dream as much as you want ^^.
It'll help you go through all those tough times.

Annie said...

don't really understand what you mean. But believe me, girls do grow up every year, boys stop at their 20s. high 5 for girl's power! ^ ^

ck said...

like this :)

Jinwei said...

(Y) your post :). Love it.Meaningful.
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