12 November 2010

The Way We Are.

It's week 4 now.
We will be rushing for CS assignments and Moral campaign as well.
no more last minute work from now,pray hard that will finish all the stuffs by week 6 as I have date with the important ones.
loves to cooperate with group mates yesterday for the campaign storyline, a very interesting one,it will be a successful campaign if goes according to the plan.
Do you agree that friends might turns into strangers as times goes by?
We speak in the same world,the same community,same situation,the same people,and yet our thoughts are different.Learn to respect others but not to talk crap.I wonder if you knew it.kthanks.

btw,I am craving for Ikan Bakar again now,gonna visit there with the babes when money arrives.

do you guys recognize her?she's cute!


Annie said...

I don't know hee name, but i'll definately remember her casting in 初恋红豆冰!

j_fish said...

You met her? Or do you work/study with her?

catherine said...

yeah she's miao miao :)
fish:yeah,she came our uni for performance :)