30 December 2010

Dinner at Dragon-i

Long awaiting December finally arrived.
This trip was kind of different.I came 1U waiting for B to pick me up.
I thought we will be having dinner at other places but he bring me to Dragon-i as famous for-xiao long bao!
We walked for miles searching for food which actually too many choices but those famous one already flooded with people.
In fact,we still need to wait 15mins till ours. 

Dragon-i is another restaurant chains that offer traditional Shanghainese dishes and La Mian noodles.

while waiting for the food,snap snap snap.

Since that's only two of us,We ordered:
the signature dish of xiao long bao has finally arrived in the steamer basket.
D.B Harsimar.雪蛤
H&S Seafood La Mian Soup. 
Steam Crab Soup bao.
personally recommend this =)
and last for not least dessert time.
G.Ball with Mango Sherbet.
Unable to finish all as we were late for movie Tron Legacy in 3D.
Tron is nice,the effects were cool,peeps should watch it.

till my next update,enjoy your public holiday!

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Joanne said...

I like bao in there :) nice!