27 December 2010

TI Trip!

It's funny to say that I've had never been to Teluk Intan before.
Indeed another spontaneous trip and sister Amy as my accompanion.

took around 50mins to reach destination as massive jam everywhere in this holiday season.

saw it in geografi text book and I am finally get to see it.

the famous menara condong.

and we went to the famous biscuit factory.No Photograph for the processes,sad. 

bought this for family and b's.

Have a nice day =)


Hilda Milda™ said...

I've never been there too and yes, I remember the menara condong! :D

alvinontherocks said...

Yeah I remember this building. Malaysia's leaning tower of pisa... haha :p I think I was there for a treasure hunt or something so didn't had the time to check it out :)

Philip Khor said...

can't really remember the tower myself