03 January 2011

1.1.11 ♥

 Welcoming the brand new year with awesome fireworks at Cheras area
hugging my love ones with kisses is sweet =)
 My Man decided to bring me for Japanese food for new year's dinner because I dreamed of Sushi day before LMAO.
KiKu-Zakura is the place,located at Tropicana City Mall.

 delicate cups with kimono clad geishas for hot green tea,perfecto.
 loves the atmosphere so much makes me feel like I am in Japan now,not.

 bad boy.
 forgotten to put on some make ups,retarded face.
 I ordered the new year's set-with Soba,Sashimi,Vege Salad,Sushi Tempura..etc..
cost around RM50.

 茶碗蒸し(Chawan Mushi) as side dish.
the freshness of the steamed egg, silky smooth appetizer 
the best I ever tried.aww~I miss it now.
 baby's Teishoku-Ramen.
cost around RM30.

guess what?cute max.
 messy hair,rebonding soon.

satisfied godd.
several outlets available.
have a try 


y--square said...

isn't that wasabi?! naise!

Hilda Milda™ said...

RM18 for one Chawanmushi or two? I love chawanmushi :3

catherine said...

Hilda:for two!High5!

anna said...

try sushi tei next time . it's also in Tropicana City Mall :D:D:D
stay in the same rank with zamai in my sushi list :)