23 January 2011

龍煮意 Dragon One

Another impromptu trip to Ipoh.Again,De Garden would be the hanging out place for me and the babes.After some walk deciding of which place to have our dinner since attempted by many new food outlet,we finally decided to try on Dragon One.
Inspired from Dragon-i.

Durian Pancake
Highly recommended to those Durian lovers,like me!blurpp.
Chilled Mango Sago with Jelly.
Stir Fried Vermicelli with minced pork.
carrot milk.
Black sesame Dumpling with Ginger soup.
double-Boiled Dried Longan and Lotus seeds with black sesame dumpling
taste good!
Hot and Spicy sauce la mian.
Shanghai style la miam with crab Roe.
another recommended dish!

and last but not least
the Famous xiao long bao.
ended with sweet pose.


Anonymous said...

oh the mango! unforgettable!

LovelyKimi said...

hmmm Black sesame Dumpling with Ginger soup is very goed i like it!!

i like your blog<3