15 February 2011


I decided to blog about a gathering session before I blog about Chinese New Year,
Look Out for the hottest spot in Sitiawan town!
located just opposite Nan Hwa secondary school.I was so impressed that our tiny hometown soon gonna turns advance.
a coffee.Sandwich.and Gelato based cafe.Interesting enough.
various type of sherbet,you may request for a taste.
For Your Information,Gelato is not only the Italian name for ice cream,but it made with the greater proportion of whole milk to cream,so it's contains lesser fats than normal ice cream :) 

add your favorite toppings for less than RM1 if not mistaken.
Chicken burger Sandwich that ordered by Timothy,he just likes it.
Rum Raisins Gelato with Belgian Waffle.It wasn't remarkably delicious but my friends said the waffle taste nice. 

A sweet group photo of us to end this post.

Wonder where is it?
K128,Jalan Raja Omar,32000 Sitiawan.

Check it out now!

photos taken by Ricoh cam.