28 March 2011

Story Isn't Over Yet.

Sorry for neglecting my blog for quite some time. Bear with me.Get through some hard time wasn't that easy. Trauma out of the truth hurts deeply and leave wounds,We knew.I never thought of it will be me that going for a easy way out. Or maybe there's no easy way. I wish I know how.

It's true that most of us having the same weaknesses that we throwing our whole heart and soul into things,but ended up getting hurt because we didn't hold it back.Maybe everything happens with a explainable purposes.We learnt from the past,live for now,and work for the future. Funny thing was that emotions that belongs to us, where most of the time we hardly to control them. Through some of the harshest time,we know,who and what is important to me. I don't care about what others think or comment,just let it be.,because I just follow where my heart goes.

Good to see that people able to sleep normally in their daily routine.I hardly to fall asleep these days and wake up pretty early as an early bird.I don’t know what's going on and I just want to get up and make things right. He told me to have faith in what I believed in and it's real mean. I want all this to be an end. Little part of happiness and memories is more than enough reminding me that I am still alive.
So yeah,life goes on,love still.Do support!


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