07 May 2011


To the one that holds her heart,
Welcoming May with a bright smile,I know I am late enough for this.
It's Friday night again,I am alone in the room.how are you gonna pass your weekend?
everybody feel by this way,for the longest time we might have been struggling with self acceptance and own insecurities,
majority of the people will fight for a better life,
majority of them prefer staying in their comfort zone.
people always wanted to give up because they afraid of disappointment.
In fact there are always other things to be grateful rather than keep complaining about the unfortunate.
After so much of obstacles and struggled we've been through these months,
everything that happened in our daily life teaches me,
learn from mistakes,that's what I can do now.
somehow in the middle of the night,it will reminds me on how many times I put you in disappointment,deeply down on me.
I need not to keep trying to figure out something that don't deserved to know,
self respect is real needed because everyone will have their own limitations,
I should gain self respect if want respect from others.
hoping to be strong enough to beat anxiety and I wish,
everything goes well in the end,have faith.
because I believe,all I want is to erase the past and save the new.


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