30 September 2011


Dear you teenage girl,

We all have good days and bad days,and sometimes take it out on others. Guess there's will always a boy that you can't seems to stop thinking about once you know what's love.You could turns bitchy,stubborn,and little clueless at the same time where you dont know herself anymore.You will also start dazing and thinking about the possibles not possibles. You saw parts of her,don't get her wrong and please don't judge.

You loves to talk with somebody whom only you cares.and you enjoyed most of the conversations. You knew you're not good in expressing yourself but there's someone who reads your mind and knows you well.

Perhaps there will be someday that dozens of things go wrong. But when you stepped back and look at the things clearly,you will realize that how much you appreciated life with every imperfections or maybe just too imaginative.

You are still young,the bad times make the good ones better.It's all in the pursuit,you will make it trough, aren't you?whatever it is,you will still move on.September is great,October will be better <3

never love you less.

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