27 October 2011


life seems to have a minor changes during this 3 months of internship,
at least I am getting more independent.
adapting to working life is much easier as compared to study life,I wonder why is it so hmm..
Honestly,I had met person that helps me,not to leave me,and make me a person that I were meant to be,
especially my precious one.He fetched me at 4am to office when it supposedly a sleeping day during weekend.A big thanks to him <3
Just doing great,with productive months.

and now,
back to the long bla journalsss.


FiSh said...

good luck in intern :) jiayou!

Më| §zë said...

oooo... i love the pic!!!

catherine said...

Fish:my internship ended successfully :)
Mei Sze:haha,more to come!